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Scottevest Button-Down Shirt

Product Review

Durant Imboden in Scottevest Button-Down Shirt

ABOVE: Durant Imboden field-tests the Scottevest Button-Down Shirt on an apartment balcony in Paris.

SeV Button-Down ShirtScottevest, Inc. has been making "Technology-Enabled Clothing" since the year 2000, when founder Scott Jordan launched a product called the "eVest" that included pockets and channels for electronic devices and earbud wires. Today, the company has expanded its product line beyond the original techie vests and jackets, with clothing that includes such designs as the SeV Button-Down Shirt.

At first glance, the SeV Button-Down Shirt looks like an ordinary cotton shirt. But wait, there's more! The shirt has half a dozen pockets, including:

  • An exterior chest pocket with two compartments.

  • Two zippered "crossdraw pockets" under the arms, which can be used for smartphones, sunglasses, or other items.

  • A concealed "mad money pocket" in the hem, where travelers can carry cash or credit cards for emergencies.

SeV Button-Down Shirt X-ray viewLike most Scottevest products, the shirt also has a "Personal Area Network" to route wires from a smartphone or MP3 player to elastic earbud loops in the collar.

I field-tested the SeV Button-Down Shirt in Paris and Normandy during September, 2012. The shirt was comfortable, and it worked well as both a daytime and a dress-up shirt. It dried quickly after being hand-washed in the sink, and the small wrinkles that resulted from drip-drying disappeared when the shirt was worn. (The shirt was completely wrinkle-free after tumbler drying at home.)

Colors and patterns: The shirt comes in a variety of stripes, solids, and plaids. (I chose the blueberry stripe.)

Verdict: If you need a well-made cotton shirt that's designed to hold a smartphone or MP3 player, the SeV Button-Down Shirt should be on your shopping list.

  • Note: This shirt runs large, so if you're between sizes, I'd suggest ordering the smaller of the two sizes.

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