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Multi-Country Calling from Cellular Abroad

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Single-country SIM cards are issued by local carriers In Europe. Each SIM is a stamp-sized "smart card" that fits inside a compatible GSM phone.

Comparison Chart

Factors to consider Talk Abroad Single-country SIM cards
Coverage 200+ countries Normally one country (though roaming may be possible in some cases at higher rates)
Moving from country to country Automatic Replace SIM card
Incoming calls Free to UK-based number in 70+ countries Usually free in the SIM card's country of issue
How you can be reached At the same number(s) for your entire trip At a different number for each country
Outgoing calls Usually more expensive than single-country SIMs Usually cheaper than Talk Abroad
Additional talk time US $29 per recharge from Cellular Abroad by phone, e-mail, or Web Prepaid cards in various denominations, purchased locally or from Cellular Abroad
Can you recharge the card from abroad? Yes No, in most cases
Voice mail Yes, with English-language menus Usually, with local-language menus
Best for: Touring, cruising, or other travel in more than one country Extended stay or frequent calling within a single country

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