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The Ultimate Camera Bag for Travelers
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Construction and details

Billingham Photo Hadley Pro - camera insertThe Billingham Photo Hadley Pro is sewn from two layers of canvas with a waterproof material in between. A microfiber fabric lines the bag; the same material covers the snap-in padded camera insert, which has movable partitions that lock into place with Velcro strips. The bag's edges are protected by leather trim.

Billingham Photo Hadley Pro - strap with brass studThe bag also has two large pockets with snap flaps that will hold your phrasebooks, sunglasses, film, and other items. Two adjustable leather straps have slots that fit over brass studs for easy opening and closing of the generously proportioned and shaped top flap.

Billingham Photo Hadley Pro - webbing handleAlthough Billingham makes the Hadley bag in three other models (Small, Original, and Large), the Pro model is my favorite because it improves upon the basic design with several features: a rigid webbing handle on top, a zippered waterproof document pocket on the back, and two optional Avea 3 pockets.

I used the Photo Hadley Pro to carry a Contax G 2 with three lenses, several dozen rolls of film, and other travel necessities on a recent trip to Europe while researching an article on "the ultimate travel camera."

Colors and options

The Photo Hadley Pro comes in four color combinations: khaki/tan, olive/tan, black/tan, and black/black. Billingham shoulder padsI strongly recommend buying the optional leather and neoprene shoulder pad, more for traction than for comfort. (Without the pad, the webbing strap tends to slip when hung from the shoulder instead of across the chest.) Other options include the Avea 3 pockets, a waist strap for added security, leather "luggage tallies" or tags, extra partitions for the camera insert, and padded lens pouches.

Related Web site
In addition to showing the Photo Hadley series and other camera bags, the Billingham Web site has illustrated descriptions of the company's laptop and travel bags. Click "Distributors" or "Retailers" for information on where to buy Billingham products in your country.

Note: Billingham's products aren't cheap, but they should last a lifetime--and if you live outside the European Union, you can save money by purchasing your bag in the UK under the VAT refund scheme.

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Photos: Copyright © Billingham. Used by permission.

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