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Folding Travel Vase

photo LEFT: A globosa bouquet in a small WonderVase.

When traveling in Europe, my wife--a flower aficionado--has often wanted to purchase bouquets from the local flower vendors but hasn't had a place to put them. Now, thanks to the WonderVase, she can park a display of roses, daffodils, or daisies atop any hotel dresser or nightstand.

The WonderVase is a cleverly designed folding travel vase that weighs next to nothing and takes up no more space than an envelope. When you're ready to use it, you simply fill it with warm water to make it malleable, form it into the shape of a vase, replace the warm water with cold, and add flowers. Later, you can dump the flowers, rinse, and fold the vase flat for travel.

At just 3Ĺ ounces or 100 grams for a set of three, the WonderVase packs more pleasure per pound than any non-adult travel accessory on the market.

WonderVase no longer has a Web site of its own, but its collapsible vases are sold by a number of online vendors, including Amazon. Search Google on "wondervase" for prices and ordering information.