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A Quiet Weekend in Capri
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ABOVE: Inside front cover of A Quiet Adventure in Capri, showing samples of the 4,500 images in the game.

Sightseeing and cultural tour

If (like me) you haven't the patience or the intellectual wherewithal to get far in the game, fear not: You can skip the mystery and explore the island by clicking through the vast collection of photos, which are organized in sequences to provide a virtual tour.

As you walk from view to view by clicking your mouse, you'll experience exactly what you'd see (and, in some cases, hear) if you were on the spot in Capri. It's almost like being there: As you come to a corner, for example, you can choose whether to go uphill or down, or to the left or right. You may even find yourself going around in circles, just as you might do if you were climbing the island's streets, paths, and stairs in your Birkenstocks.

There are no captions, so you might want to keep a guidebook and map handy in case you get lost. (The tour does include brief narrations about major sights, but for the most part, you'll be exploring Capri on your own.)

Is the game worth US $29.95?

Whether A Quiet Weekend in Capri is worth the price depends on what you expect from it. It isn't a state-of-the-art action game for the Doom and Half-Life crowd, and the sound effects include barking dogs and the putt-putt-putt of Vespas instead of explosions or the whine of warp drives. But if you're an armchair traveler who's always dreamed of a visit to Capri, or if you've vacationed on the island and want to relive your trip by immersing yourself in a virtual walkthrough of Capri's main village and surroundings, A Quiet Weekend in Capri may be a better investment than a comparably priced coffeetable book.

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