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A Quiet Weekend in Capri

First-Person PC Adventure Game

(Archived Review)

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ABOVE: A Quiet Weekend in Capri (front and back covers).

Computer Game Review

First, a confession: I haven't been able to finish playing a computer game since King's Quest IV, and I never could figure out Myst. So I'm probably the last person who should be reviewing A Quiet Weekend in Capri as a computer game--but that probably doesn't matter, because (at least for our readers) the gaming aspects of the program  matter less than its appeal to Capri fans and armchair travelers.

A Quiet Weekend in Capri is a mostly nonverbal adventure/mystery game in the style of Myst. The game manual provides a short introduction and setup:

You are a tourist visiting Capri for the first time, with a ticket for the boat, a credit card, some money, an empty travel notebook, and a reservation for the Hotel Quisisana. You board your boat for Capri, your eyes scanning the horizon. In the distance you see the cliffs of the island looming ever closer. Finally, you dock and exit the boat with the rest of the tourists. A taxi drives you close to the famous Piazzetta. You pay the driver and start walking down the crowded, noisy streets. You stop at a magazine stand asking for directions to the hotel. Here, you also pick up a map of the island. With the map, you leave and floow the directions you are given, finally coming to the steps on the hotel. Suddenly, something strange happens. You are still near the door of the Hotel Quisisana but all other tourists have disappeared! Looks like somebody or something is plotting against you. Your vacation now seems ruined, but luckily, you have the notebook with you...

To play the game, you click your way through 4,500 photographic images of Capri while you search for answers and "utilize strange inventions by an eccentric island scientist" who made a mistake in one of his experiments and trapped you in another dimension. You must find "The Code" as you explore the beautiful island of Capri.

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