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More Thalys photos

Thalys PBKA locomotive

Christiaan van Elzelingen's photo shows a Thalys train in the Rotterdam station. This is a Thalys PBKA locomotive, which can take electricity from the railway grids of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. The cab electronics are compatible with seven different signalling systems.

Thalys in Brussels

In this picture by Martin Kers, a Thalys train collects passengers in Brussels. (Some trains on the Paris-Brussels route continue north to Amsterdam, while others continue east toward Cologne, Germany.)

Thalys locomotive

Thalys locomotives are noticeably taller than the passenger cars behind them, which are the same in all trainsets.

Eurostar and Thalys

This panoramic photo shows a Eurostar train speeding alongside Thalys in France. The red Thalys locomotive is of the TGV-based PBA type, which operates on three voltages, has four signalling systems, and runs exclusively on the Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam route.

Thalys Comfort 1 seats

"Club-4" and "Club-2" are the names for table seating in Comfort 1 (first-class) cars. Normal seat pairs are called "Duo" seats.

Thalys Comfort 2 seats

These women share a table in Comfort 2, or second class.

Thalys information booth - Gare du Nord

The Gare du Nord in Paris has a Thalys information booth right next to the platforms.

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