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ABOVE: Need to go number one or number two? A Parisian Sanisette won't cost you a sou.

Practical Advice
Public Toilets (Sanisettes)
Paris Scams: 'Gold Ring' Scam
Paris Scams: 'Petition' Scam
Paris Scams: 'String Men' of Sacré-Coeur
Top 11 Tourist Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Flunch Cafeterias
Quick Burger
Eric Kayser Baguettes
Boulangerie au Grand Richelieu archived
Boulangerie Veronique Mauclerc archived

Village Jouť Club (Passage des Princes)

Curves Paris

Book Reviews
Almost French, by Sarah Turnbull
A Year in the Merde, by StephenClarke
Café Life Paris, by Christine and Dennis Graf
C'est La Vie, by Suzy Gershman
The Riches of Paris: A Shopping and Touring Guide, by Meribeth Clemente
Through the Windows of Paris (50 Shops), by Michael Webb
Walking the Da Vinci Code in Paris, by Peter Caine