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Paris Bike-Sharing Programs

Independent players like Ofo, Mobike, and Donkey Bike may be gone, but the local favorite--Vélibe Métropole--lives on with leg-powered and eBike options.

Vélib' Métropole and Mobike bicycles in Paris

ABOVE: Three Vélib' Métropole bicycles stand next to an abandoned dockless bike from a defunct bike-sharing program.

Paris has had an official bike-sharing program since 2007, when Vélib' (now Vélib' Métropole) was introduced. In recent years, a number of private corporate programs have come and gone, including Ofo, Mobike, and Donkey Bike. Here's our current recommendation:

Vélib' Métropole stationVélib' Métropole parisforvisitors
The original Paris bike-sharing program has some 15,000 green (mechanical) and blue (electric) bikes at more than 1,200 stations in all 22 arrondissements.

Although Vélib' s stations have kiosks where you can buy passes and perform other tasks, the bikes themselves are self-contained, with dashboards for scanning cards and performing other trip functions.