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book coverA Year in the Merde

Book Review - Excerpt 3
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French TV porn

"Then there was the porn.

"Of course, I'd hired the odd film in my time, and during my lonelier moments I'd surfed for free home movies on the Web. But everything was so much less furtive in France. Porn mags were advertised openly in newsagents' windows. Obscenely graphic comic books were on sale in every bookshop. And hard-core, penetrative, ejaculative porn was on mainstream TV, on one of the six basic terrestrial channels, pretty much every week. Marie had a whole collection of videos that she'd recorded off the TV. These included the 'news' program just before the movie, which was usually about who was making which new film or which new porn starlet had made her screen debut.

"....One Saturday at midnight, we switched on to find a group interview with al the usual actors and the word 'Liberté!' flashing on the screen. The actors were all naked, and their spokesman hardly seemed at all distracted by the fact that he was getting a blow job as he read from his autocue. About a dozen French porn stars were lounging about on an immense four-poster bed. The girls were showing us their most intimate piercings, and the guys who weren't speaking had the tools of their trade draped casually across their thighs or pointing up toward their belly buttons. The spokesman's voice droned on monotously (he was much more gifted at public copulation than public speaking), and it emerged that the actors were going on strike for two weeks because French TV's governing body had announced that it might ban porn from mainstream channels.

"....The spokesman declared that this ban on televised porn might mean the end of France's liberté d'expression. The woman whose faced was attached to his lower body nodded in agreement. For obvious reasons, she wasn't free to express herself verbally."

  - A Year in the Merde, by Stephen Clarke

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