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book coverCafé Life Paris

Book Review - Excerpt 2
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Café de Flore

This abridged profile is from the "Legends of Literature and Art" section of Café Life Paris:

"We had been cool towards the Café de Flore, thinking it overpriced, popular without a popular reason for being so, trading too much  on its repnutation and historical associations. But we have to admit, there is something appealing about the Flore. On a cold October afternoon early in the week, with hardly a tourist in sight, the Flore is crammed, and by the sound of it, most people are delighted to be here.The 4-euro espresso tastes strong and good, served in the signature green and white Café de Flore cups. Add another 3 euros and you get coffee with a trace of Scotch, not a bad idea on a really frigid day.

"Of an afternoon, try the smoky ambiance of the Flore, with its Deco lighting, pale walls, warm wood, red moleskin banquettes, and chattering clientele. Young couples meet here; we also noticed a pair of well-dressed women at an afternoon's end, and some prosperous-looking businessmen. They drink coffee, hot chocolate, small glasses of red wine.

"Here are family groups, with many people not looking especially formal. Jeans are the fall uniform of many, regardless of age. Waiters appear in the classic black vest and pants, contrasting with their white shirts, and the spotless long white aprons wrapped around them. A perky black bow tie sets it all off. They rap out loud, clear, precise directions for someone working behind a screen: 'Un thé, un!' 'Deux chocolats, deux!'"

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