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book coverC'est la Vie

Book Review
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Excerpt #3: The rules of Viagra

"I had been with the count long enough to learn some of the rules of Viagra, which included not drinking too much and taking the pill an hour and a half before you expected to need it. When you went to dinner at nine-thirty, it seemed to me you had to plan very carefully. So I was surprised and confused to watch the count consume most of a bottle of wine at dinner. Then he insisted on three after-dinner drinks in the hotel's swanky lounge. As far as I could tell, by midnight he still hadn't popped any pills.

"....I had been somewhat embarrased about the sexuality the count had brought out in me, but I was enjoying it too. I had forgotten the power of a new relationship, especially the part that is all heat and no common sense. I bought fancy underwear--not just at La Perla but everywhere, including the Italian dime store. I took long baths again. I wore high heels again. I turned into a teenage girl and I loved it, although it was also frightening. I thought about sex all the time. I certainly seemed a lot more interested in sex than the count did. How was I supposed to be playing hard-to-get when he couldn't even play get-to-hard?"

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