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Stow Your Bags at the Basilica di San Marco in Venice

Reserve a luggage locker to park your suitcase or backpack before you visit St. Mark's Basilica.

Stow Your Bags luggage lockers at Basilica di San Marco, Venice

ABOVE: Luggage lockers are available immediately to the north of St. Mark's Basilica, and you can book a locker ahead of time.

The Basilica di San Marco, a.k.a. St. Mark's Basilica, is one of Venice's most popular tourist attractions. It's easy to visit (especially if you opt for a "skip the line" reservation), but there is a catch: You can't bring your suitcase or backpack into the church.

Fortunately, the Basilica offers luggage storage in a deconsecrated church just across from its famous lions (which are on the left side of the Basilica as you face the main entrance).

The Stow Your Bags facility consists of luggage lockers, and each locker is big enough to hold one carry-on suitcase. We suggest reserving a locker online, especially if you're visiting during peak periods such as weekends, public holidays, and summer vacation season.

For current hours, rates, and reservations. visit St. Mark's Square. (Be sure to read the reviews for tips from users.)

More photos:

Inside Stow Your Bags: St. Mark's Square

ABOVE: This photo, which was taken inside the entrance, shows the Stow Your Bags facility on a quiet day in April. During busy periods, there can be a long line for the available lockers.

QR code at Stow Your Bags Venice

ABOVE: To save waiting time, you can book in advance and use a code on your smartphone to claim your locker when you arrive.

Locker touch screens at Stow Your Bags Venice

ABOVE: If advance planning isn't your thing, you can book a locker via a touch screen and wait for the computerized system to assign you a locker.

Lockers at Stow Your Bags: St. Mark's Square, Venice

ABOVE: Stow Your Bags: St. Mark's Square has several hundred lockers, so you should be able to find a locker unless Venice is packed with tourists.