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An Apartment in Cannaregio

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Living Room and Kitchen


The living room includes a table for four, a nonworking fireplace, a pullman kitchen (right back corner), and an antique desk.

At the opposite end of the loft-like space, where I was standing when I took this photo, you'll find a leather sofa, two easy chairs, a coffee table, TV, DVD player, portable radio-CD player, and bookshelves. (Bring your own mobile phone, and if you need to check your e-mail, you can visit one of the Internet points in the neighborhood.)


LEFT: The entrance door is halfway down a flight of stone steps. The impressive steel-framed door has multiple deadbolts on both sides, like the door of a bank vault. RIGHT: At the top of the steps, marble mosaic surrunds a stone column.


The pullman kitchen is compact but well-equipped, with a modern gas range and double sink. A dishwasher, large refrigerator-freezer, washing machine for clothes, and storage closet are hidden beyond wooden cabinetry. (There's no microwave, and you'll need to dry clothes on a drying rack or on a pulley-operated clothesline that can be reached from the bathroom window or living room.)

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