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Hotel Ai Due Fanali

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Directions from the Venice railroad station

The Hotel Ai Due Fanali is a five-minute walk from Venice's Santa Lucia railroad station, or maybe seven to eight minutes if you're wrestling with heavy luggage.

The route is simple, with only a few turns. However, it may be confusing if you aren't familiar with Venice, so here are step-by-step directions with photos.

Please note:

  • These directions also apply to the four-star Ca' Nigra Lagoon Resort and Hotel Canal Grande, which share the Campo San Simeon Grande--a.k.a. the Campo San Simeon Profeta--with the Ai Due Fanali.)

  • Our aerial-photo maps on page 7 show the hotel's location in relation to the Santa Lucia Railroad Station and the Piazzale Roma.

Ponte dei Scalzi

As you leave the station, go left toward the Ponte dei Scalzi, the large footbridge that crosses the Grand Canal.

Scalzi Bridge

Walk across the Ponte dei Scalzi. (It's a fairly high bridge, but most travelers are able to bounce their wheeled suitcases up and down the stairs.)

Mephisto shoe store - Venice italy

At the bottom of the bridge, you'll see a Burger King in the pink building on your right. (The Mephisto store on the left has been replaced by an ice-cream parlor since this photo was taken.) Continue past the Burger King into the narrow pedestrian street.

Route to Hotel Ai Due Fanali

After passing a handful of restaurants and shops, you'll see a street on the left. Turn left into the street.

Bridge across Venice canal

A few meters after the turn, you'll encounter a low bridge over a narrow canal. Cross the bridge and keep walking.

Church of San Simeon Grande

In a few seconds, you'll reach the church of San Simeone Profeta. Bear left and continue past the church.

Hotel Ai Due Fanali

After passing the church, you'll enter an arcaded passage. The Hotel Ai Due Fanali's entrance is in the square just to the left of the passage. (It's behind the people in the photo above.)

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