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From: Murano, the Glass Island

Murano canal and barge

A barge loaded with bottles of cooking gas prepares to cast off from a quay near the Basilica of Santi Maria e Donato.

Murano glass factory-showroom

Not far away, tourists approach a glass factory and showroom where a decaying mural of gilded glass mosaic fills the arches above the entrance.


Head left from the Colonna waterbus stop, and you'll encounter signs for a glass factory that offers free glassblowing demonstrations.

Cafe tables with tablecloths

Coffee and cookies are the theme of this café's colorful tablecloths.

Murano cat

A lady in a hat meets a cat in a residential square.

Murano boat with dog

Some dogs were born for boating....

Murano shop with dog

...while others prefer to relax on land.

Murano post office

A post office...

Italian mailbox

a letterbox...

PT mail carrier

...and a postal carrier ensure that mail is collected and delivered on Murano.

winged lion mosaic

Venice's winged lion has a counterpart on a Muranese wall.

lion doorknocker

A wingless version of the leoni gnaws on a doorknocker.

wall shrine

A Byzantine-style Madonna occupies center stage in an outdoor shrine.

mosaic tile decorations

Decorations of mosaic tile enliven an otherwise blank stucco wall.

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