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Venice Airport Luggage Carts

Archived Article

Venice Airport luggage cart

ABOVE: Venice Airport's luggage carts are built for bulky, heavy loads.

  • Update: Marco Polo Airport's luggage carts no longer require a coin deposit. Unfortunately, they're harder to find than they were in the past, and you may need to do without a luggage cart or hire a baggage porter.

When you're taking the moving sidewalk to or from the airport-boat and water-taxi piers at Venice Marco Polo Airport, a luggage cart can be a godsend--especially when it's free.

We're happy to report that VCE has hundreds of big, sturdy luggage carts in convenient locations around the airport grounds.

To use one, simply insert a 50-cent, 1-euro, or 2-euro coin in the blue locking device on top of the cart. The chain that locks the cart to the ones in front of it will be released, and the cart will be yours for as long as you need it.

Luggage cart coin mechanismWhen you've finished with the cart, simply return it to a row of baggage carts and lock it to the cart in front of it by reinserting a chain. The locking device on your cart will eject your coin.

To see how easy it is to get your money back, watch the short luggage cart video on our Venice Travel Blog.

Note: Shopping carts at many European supermarkets use a similar coin-operated locking mechanism, so once you've used a luggage cart at Venice Marco Polo Airport, you'll be able to grab a cart like a local when you''re ready to stock up on groceries.

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