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Walking directions to Palazzo Cendon Piano Antico (with map)

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Palazzo Cendon Piano Antico photo

The Palazzo Cendon dates back to 1437, when it was built by a wealthy family of Venetian merchants. In more recent years, the historic mansion was converted to guest accommodations, and it now functions as a small upscale hotel.

The hotel--formally known as the Palazzo Cendon il Piano Antico e le Mansarde, or "Palazzo Cendon Piano Antico" for short--overlooks the Canareggio Canal, one bridge away from the Guglie stop of the Alilaguna airport boat's Linea Arancio. (It's also no more than a 10- to 15-minute walk from Venice's main Santa Lucia railroad station, with no bridges to cross.)

Be aware: The last time we checked, the Palazzo Cendon charged for Wi-Fi (check's reservations page to be sure). On the brighter side, the management will supply a free bottle of wine if you stay three nights or longer, so--if you're in Venice for more than a few days--you may find it more economical to drink than to check your e-mail.

  1. As you leave the boat stop, turn right.

  2. Walk along the fondamenta or sidewalk, past the Gam Gam restaurant, to the Ponte delle Guglie bridge.

  3. Cross the bridge.

  4. On the other side of the Guglie bridge, turn right and walk past the Hotel Hesperia until you reach the Calle Cendon.

  5. Turn left into the Calle Cendon.

  6. Walk a few meters to the Palazzo Cendon's entrance, which will be on your right.

For a video preview of your walk, click below:

Map of route from Venice Santa Lucia Railroad Station to Ponte delle Guglie

ABOVE: This map shows the route from Venezia Santa Lucia Railroad Station to the Ponte delle Guglie on the Cannaregio Canal. Walking time from the station to the bridge is no more than 10 minutes over level ground.

  1. Leave the railroad station by the marble steps outside the main doors, or by the easy-to-miss (and conveniently stair-free) side exit if you have rolling luggage, a stroller, or a wheelchair.

  2. When you reach the wide fondamenta or pavement in front of the station, turn left.

  3. Walk past the Scalzi Church and the Scalzi Bridge toward the Lista di Spagna (a busy pedestrian thoroughfare).

  4. Continue down the Lista di Spagna, through the Campo San Geremia (you'll see a large domed church on your right), and on to the Ponte delle Guglie Bridge.

  5. Do not cross the bridge. Instead, turn left and walk along the canal, past the Hotel Hesperia to the Calle Cendon.

  6. Turn left into the Calle Cendon.

  7. Walk a few meters to the Palazzo Cendon's entrance, which will be on your right.

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MAP CREDITS: Walking maps by Anders Imboden, using base data from the Comune di Venezia and Regione Veneto under license IODL-2.0.
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