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Hotels near airport boat stops

From: Venice Hotel Directions with Maps

Alilaguna airport boat

ABOVE: An Alilaguna Blue Line airport boat cruises down the Giudecca Canal on its way to the Marittima cruise basin.

Alilaguna airport boats run frequently between Venice Marco Polo Airport and stops throughout Venice's historic center, including such popular locations as San Marco (where you'll find the Piazza and the Basilica) and the Venezia Santa Lucia railroad station. They also serve the islands of Murano, Giudecca, and the Lido di Venezia.

Boats of Linea Blu, Linea Arancio, and (from spring through fall) Linea Rossa make it easy to reach hotels in both the prime tourist areas and Venice's quieter, less trafficked neighborhoods.

On this page, we've grouped hotels in the city center, Giudecca, and Murano by their proximity to Alilaguna waterbus landings. (Asterisks represent star ratings.)


Linea Blu (Airport to San Marco & Railroad Station)

Murano Colonna:

Fondamente Nove:


San Zaccaria:

On the waterfront

Slightly inland

San Marco (Giardinetti)

West of Piazza San Marco

North of Piazza San Marco


Giudecca Stucky:

Linea Arancio (Airport to Venice via Cannaregio & Grand Canals)

Fondamente Nove (late night only):

  • See "Fondamente Nove" listings under Linea Blu above.

Madonna dell'Orto (Orto):


San Stae:


Sant' Angelo:

Ca' Rezzonico:

Santa Maria del Giglio:

Linea Rossa (Airport to San Marco & Giudecca Zitelle, Apr - Nov)

Murano Museo:

San Marco (Giardinetti):

  • See "San Marco (Giardinetti)" listings under Linea Blu above.

Giudecca Zittele:

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MAP CREDITS: Walking maps by Anders Imboden, using base data from the Comune di Venezia and Regione Veneto under license IODL-2.0.