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Walking directions to Hotel San Moisè (with map)

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The Hotel San Moisè is an attractive, traditional three-star hotel west of the Piazza San Marco, next to a canal used by singing gondoliers. (See our illustrated review.)

Although the San Moisè is close to the Piazza San Marco and upscale shopping, the hotel's street dead-ends at the water, so you needn't worry about noise from through pedestrian traffic at night.

How to reach Hotel San Moisè from the San Marco Giardinetti airport-boat stop:

Hotel San Moisè map directions

  1. As you leave the Alilaguna airport boat and ACTV waterbus station, turn left and cross a small stone bridge.

  2. Continue a few meters to the Calle Vallaresso and turn right.

  3. Walk straight ahead down the Calle Vallaresso, past Harry's Bar and a row of designer shops.

  4. At the first corner, turn left into the Salizzada San Moisè.

  5. Walk to the narrow canal alongside the Hotel Bauer, where you'll see gondolas on your left and a small bridge just ahead.

  6. Cross the bridge and walk straight ahead into the Calle Larga XXII Marzo.

  7. Watch for a "Hotel San Moisè" sign hanging from a building on the right side of the street.

  8. Turn into the side street and walk to the corner.

  9. Turn right again. The hotel entrance is near the end of the short street, next to the canal.

Hotel San Moise street sign

For a video preview of your walk, click below:

From the Marittima cruise terminals:

  1. Take the Alilaguna Blue Line airport boat from the cruise basin to the San Marco Giardinetti boat stop.

  2. Follow the directions above.

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MAP CREDITS: Walking maps by Anders Imboden, using base data from the Comune di Venezia and Regione Veneto under license IODL-2.0.