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Stockholm Tunnelbana

From: Stockholm Transportation


ABOVE: A Vagn 2000 articulated trainset of the Stockholm T-Bana. INSET PHOTOS BELOW: Outdoor station sign, electronic platform sign with waiting times for trains, and Stockholm Tourist Centre.

The T-Bana

photoStockholm has a modern and extensive underground network. The Tunnelbana or "T-Bana" system, which was begun in the 1930s and expanded over the next two decades, now has 101 stations in the city center and outlying areas. Stations are labeled with "Tunnelbana" or "T" signs, and most are shown on tourist maps.

You'll need ticket coupons or a pass to ride the trains; these can be purchased from machines in any station. Your ticket options include:

photoSingle rides. Buy the number of coupons required for your trip from the ticket machines in any T-Bana station. Validate your coupons before entering the subway.

Coupon books. These come in books of 10 or 20 coupons. Again, remember to stamp your coupons.

Passes. All-you-can ride passes give 24 hours, 72 hours, or 30 days of travel in the Stockholm metropolitan area. In addition to saving money, these eliminate the need to figure out zones or validate ticket coupons.

Stockholm Card. This is your best deal if you plan to visit museums and aren't entitled to student discounts on admissions. For a flat rate, the Stockholm Card gives you one, two, or three days of unlimited public transportation, admission to 70+ museums and attractions, parking in the city center, two tours by sightseeing boat, and discounts on several other excursions. To use it, just show it to the ticket agent as you enter the T-Bana. Buy it from the Stockholm Visitors Board or our sightseeing-tour partner, Viator.

photoFor printed information on how to use the subway, request a free guide at any Tourist Information Center or SL transit counter (such as the one on the lower level of Stockholm Central Station).

Web links:

Stockholm Public Transport
The city's official public-transportation site has information in English for foreign visitors.

Tunnelbana Map
Look at this map from Wikimedia Commons, and you'll see that the three major lines converge at T-Centralen, where you can connect to the central railway station, the city bus terminal, and the Arlanda Express airport train.

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