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From: Emerald Waterways cruise review: Nuremberg-Trier

Day 3: Würzburg

EMERALD STAR arrives in Würzburg

Emerald Star arrived in Würzburg around 10 a.m., tying up along the downtown waterfront behind a floating Chinese restaurant and casino.

EMERALD STAR crew with gangway in Würzburg

The crew quickly set up the ship's gangway.

Bicycles from EMERALD STAR in Würzburg

A sailor brought the ship's bicycles ashore and parked them on the riverside promenade for passengers who wanted to go exploring before lunch.

View of Marienburg Fortress, Würzburg

Our sightseeing tour didn't depart until 12:45 p.m., so we went ashore and walked along the Main riverfront. Across the river, the Marienberg fortress loomed over the city.

Steps to Old Main Bridge in Würzburg

Steps led up to the Alte Mainbrücke or Old Main Bridge (left) and downtown Würzburg.

Alte Mainbruecke or Old Main Bridge, Würzburg

The bridge was quiet at this hour, with only a few dogwalkers and tourists crossing the river on foot.

EMERALD STAR in Würzburg, Germany

Man River from Alte Mainbruecke, Würzburg

We photographed Emerald Star and another ship, with a tram crossing the river overhead, from a viewing platform on the Alte Mainbrücke.

Florist shop in downtown Würzburg

In Würzburg's business district, which began next to the Alte Mainbrücke, a florist shop had set up many of its wares outdoors.

Bakery in Würzburg, Germany

It seemed like every block in downtown Würzburg had at least one bakery or pastry shop.

Tram and flowers in Würzburg, Germany

Trams came at frequent intervals, bringing commuters and shoppers from outlying neighborhoods and suburbs.

Man and dog in downtown Würzburg

Dogs and their two-legged companions shopped in the stores downtown (including large department stores).

Tour buses in Würzburg, Germany

Later, after we'd returned to the ship and had an early lunch, we went ashore to join the tour bus that would take us to Würzburg's Residenz.

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