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From: Emerald Waterways cruise review: Nuremberg-Trier

Day 6: Moselle & Bernkastel

Bicycles at Traben-Trarbach, Germany

On the morning of Day 6, Emerald Star pulled alongside the Moselle's banks at Traben-Trarbach to unload bicycles for an optional tour of 22 km (14 miles) to Bernkastel, where our ship would be mooring in a few hours.

Bicycle tour - Moselle River

A car and trailer were on hand to provide logistical support (including spare bikes if required).

Bicylist on Moselle River in Germany

About a dozen bicyclists set off on the tour while swans watched from the embankment.

Moselle River scenery

Moselle vineyards

Vineyard on Moselle River

Moselle church and village

As the bicyclists followed the riverside route to Bernkastel, Emerald Star cruised past a succession of vineyards and villages.

Apfelstrudel demonstration with Teodor Petre, EMERALD STAR

In mid-morning, Emerald Star's executive chef, Teodor Petre, gave an Apfeltrudel-making demonstration in the Horizon Lounge for passengers who preferred sweets to scenery. (The finished Strudel was served at lunch.)

River traffic on Moselle

Sightseeing boat on Moselle River

The Moselle River was busy (though quieter than the Rhine), with traffic that included cargo barges, cruise ships, and sightseeing boats.

Police boat on Moselle River

A police boat patrolled the river.

Bridge construction on Moselle River

We passed by a highway bridge that was under construction...

Low bridge on the Moselle from EMERALD STAR

Low bridge from EMERALD STAR

...and under an older bridge that was so low that the captain retracted the wheelhouse and ordered passengers on the Sun Deck to sit down. (The captain is in the top photo, wearing a baseball cap as peers out from the wheelhouse's sunroof.)

In some places, the land was flat enough for the use of mechanical equipment in the vineyards, and for buildings along the shore.

Many vineyards had small chapels. These dated back to a time when Christians were expected to attend church several times a day, and it was easier to have the workers pray or listen to sermons in the vineyards than to send them into the nearest village.

Barge on Moselle River

Minigolf course on EMERALD STAR

Our final lock before Bernkastel was at Zeltingen, near Moselle Km 120. (In the lower photo, you can see Emerald Star's putting green on the Sun Deck as the ship enters the lock.)

Cheryl Imboden with Sony RX100 IV camera

Cheryl Imboden took photos as Emerald Star floated upwards in the Schleuse Zeltingen.

AMALYRA near Bernkastel

Arrival in Bernkastel on EMERALD STAR

A-ROSA FLORA on the Moselle in Bernkastel-Kues

As we reached Bernkastel and our mooring, we saw several other river vessels, including Amalyra of AmaWaterways and the German ship A-Rosa Flora.

Bernkastel has two districts: the old village of Bernkastel on the right or eastern bank of the Moselle, and the district of Kues (once a separate town) on the left or western bank. We were about to tie up at a waterfront park on the Kues side of the river, near a bridge that connected the two parts of town.

Captain Mariceanu of EMERALD STAR


Captain Mariceanu skillfully guided our ship into its mooring place just ahead of A-Rosa Flora. (In the lower photo's background, you can see the bridge between Kues and Bernkastel's Altstadt.)

EMERALD STAR in Bernkastel-Kues

Once the ship was lined up with the shore, Captain Mariceanu called to passersby on shore, who caught a mooring line that was thrown by the crew.

Sailors installing EMERALD STAR's gangway in Bernkastel-Kues

Passengers from the bicycle tour arrived while Emerald Star's sailors were setting up the gangway.

Swans and A-ROSA FLORA in Bernkastel-Kues

Bernkastel-Kues waterfowl

We had an hour before our 2 p.m. walking tour, so we went ashore and wandered through the park, where swans and other waterfowl ignored the presence of two river vessels as they looked for food.

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