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Day 4: Adria

Adria riverfront

Adria is a 3,000-year-old city built on the ruins of an Etruscan town. Its waterfront overlooks the Canal Bianco, where La Bella Vita was moored.

National Archaeological Museum, Adria

Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Adria

From the barge, we walked to the National Archaeological Museum of Adria, which was only a few minutes away.

A museum guide took us around the exhibits, which ranged from Etruscan and Roman objects to a pair of ancient horse skeletons that were visible in an excavation beneath the museum's atrium:

Display case at National Museum of Archaeology, Adria

Etruscan phallus

Amphorae at Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Adria

Adria archaeological museum - horse skeletons

War memorial in Adria 

After our museum visit, we took a walk in Adria's city center. 

Dog in Adria, Italy

Dog on bicycle in Adria 

Adria was clearly a dog-friendly town.


By now, the locals were heading home for lunch, so we followed their example and returned to La Bella Vita for another of Andrea and Mario's midday repasts.

Zeppole di San Giuseppe on LA BELLA VITA

The day's lunch ended with Zeppole di San Giuseppe, which are fritters of  pâté à choux with pastry cream and fruit (in this case, raspberries).

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