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Day 5: Ferrara

LA BELLA VITA in Borsaro

Ferrara sign

On Thursday morning (day 5 of our cruise), we left Bosaro for a short drive to the Renaissance city of Ferrara, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Castello Estense, Ferrara

Castello Estense, Ferrara

The first stop on our walking tour was a short visit to Castello Estense, which was built as a fortress to protect Ferrara's ruling family from rioters and revolutionaries.

Ferrara tourist guide.

A local guide gave us a quick introduction to Ferrara, its Renaissance rulers, and the castle.

Ferrara bicycle parking in Castello Estense

Ferrara claims to be Italy's most bicycle-friendly city, so we weren't surprised to see large numbers of bikes parked in the castle entrance.

Courtyard of Castle Estense

Inside, the courtyard was quiet. (This isn't always true: Castello Estense is popular as a venue for rock concerts.)

Castle Estense walls and moat

View of Ferrara from Castello Estense

As we walked around the castle, we enjoyed views of the moats and surrounding city.

Pebble paving in Castello Estense, Ferrara

We also admired the pebble paving underfoot. (Tip for visitors to Castello Estense: Wear sensible shoes.)

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