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La Bella Vita Barge Cruise Photos

From: La Bella Vita Barge Cruise Review

Day 3: Alberoni to Chioggia

Pellestrina, Italy

When we got up on Tuesday morning, La Bella Vita was already underway. The barge cruised past Pellestrina, a fishing and boat-building town along the narrow sandbar between the Adriatic Sea and the Venetian Lagoon.

Pellestrina, Venetian Lagoon

We tied up just to the south of Pellestrina's town center.

Roger Pagnin securing LA BELLA VITA's gangway

In this photo, Roger Pagnin--La Bella Vita's engineer--is placing rope railings on the barge's aluminum gangway.

Bicyclists from LA BELLA VITA in Pellestrina

We moored near Pellestrina just long enough for a bike ride into town before breakfast, and for taking a picture of La Bella Vita's bridge:

Wheelhouse of LA BELLA VITA

Rainbow in Pellestrina

As we left Pellestrina, we saw a rainbow. (In this photo, Venice is out of sight behind the fishnets and the flying seagull.)

The channel was filled with ships, excursion boats, fishing vessels, and even a vaporetto on its way from Chioggia to Venice:

Tanker passing LA BELLA VITA near Pellestrina

Boats on Venetian Lagoon near Pellestrina

Vaporetto in Venetian Lagoon

Seawall near Pellestrina

The isthmus became narrower as we cruised south. Here, you can see a woman getting her morning exercise on the seawall between the Adriatic (background) and the Lagoon (foreground), with a containership visible in the distance.

Fishing hut on Venetian Lagoon

La Bella Vita passed dozens of fishing and clamming huts on the short voyage between Pellestrina and Chioggia.

A small ship was at our pier in Chioggia, but its captain moved it out of the way, and we were moored at our berth a few minutes later:

Ship at pier in Chioggia

LA BELLA VITA arrives in Chioggia

Roger Pagnin in Chioggia

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