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River Countess Itinerary Map

From: Uniworld River Countess cruise review

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This map shows the places that you'll visit during a typical cruise on Uniworld's River Countess in 2015. For a close-up view of any location, zoom in and drag the map as needed.

To see where the ship moors in Venice, zoom in on the "Venice" markers at the top right corner of the map. Normally, River Countess begins and ends its cruise at the Santa Marta Pier, but occasionally it may depart from the Stazione Marittima. The "Venice - Riva dei Sette Martiri" marker shows where River Countess ties up within walking distance of the Piazza San Marco during the Venice portion of the cruise.

If you'd like to learn more about Venice, please see our Venice for Visitors travel-planning site.

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