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Global Volunteers - Crete, Greece

ABOVE: Global Volunteers teach geography on the Greek island of Crete.

Volunteer interview: Jeanne C. Davis (Ireland)

When and how did you learn about Global Volunteers?

During the fall of 1997. I saw a blurb in the travel section of the L.A. Times.

Where did you go in Ireland, and what did you do as a volunteer?

We remained at the site, for the most part--the Glencree Center for Reconciliation. I worked on the reconstruction of an old wall (the place is 200 years old!) that was further ruined by a film crew headed by John Huston.

Did you have any special background or training that played a role in your program selection?

I had remodeled my condo by myself, and I knew the work might involve construction. Beyond that, I was interested in the ongoing peace process in Northern Ireland, and I'd heard that there would be many discussions about the subject.

How long were you in Ireland as a volunteer?

As a volunteer, two weeks, although I remained another week.

Can you think of any special high points?

I was particularly impressed by our weekend trip to Belfast, where we heard from the spectrum of political parties.

Any low points?


What kind of preparation or training did you receive before your trip?

Plenty of information about what to expect from the experience--but it was wonderful far beyond my expectations.

What were the room and board arrangements?

We stayed on site in the 200-year-old fort. Each team took a turn at preparing the day's meals for everyone else.

Did you have much free time for tourist activities?

Yes. Both weekends and St. Patrick's Day--as well as evening jaunts to the pubs.

Do you have any caveats or suggestions for readers who are interested in becoming Global Volunteers in Europe?

Traveling as a tourist will never be the same for me after the meaningful nature of my Global Volunteers experience.

Would you consider being a Global Volunteer again?


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