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Beyond sex and drugs

By now, you may be ready to assume that the Netherlands is a Times Square with tulips, and that children and church groups should find another holiday destination in Europe. Not at all: Sex and cannabis are only a small part of the overall tourist scene, and you won't encounter much of either unless you go looking for it.

To start planning a trip to the Netherlands, see:


An illustrated library of tourist links and articles about the Dutch capital.

A Day in Amsterdam
If you're stuck at Schiphol Airport for more than a few hours, take the train into the city.

Schiphol Airport
A brothel has been proposed for Amsterdam's international air gateway.

Elsewhere in the Netherlands

Alkmaar Cheese Market
If the dairy auction action seems too touristy, vist the world-famous organ in the Laurenskerk.

Keukenhof Gardens
The largest flower garden in Holland (and the world) has more than 6,000,000 bulbs, including 1,000 varieties of tulips alone.

Barge Cruises & Canal Boats
Explore Europe's waterways in luxury, or rent a boat and pilot it yourself.

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