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A Home Away from Home:
Self-Catering in Europe
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More space for less money

During one recent trip, our family of five rented an apartment in Venice, Italy. The apartment included:

  • A quiet location near the Frari Church, 10 minutes from the Piazzale Roma and the railroad station on foot and 3 minutes from the Campo S. Margherita (which may be the most delightful square in Venice).

  • Three bedrooms and a foyer with an attractive mixture of antique, reproduction, and modern furnishings.

  • A full bathroom and a second toilet/sink/utility room with clothes washer.

  • A large modern kitchen with a family-size round table, a new stove and refrigerator, and a dishwasher.

  • A living/dining room with TV, and an office alcove (see photo above) with desk and telephone.

  • A large garden courtyard with outdoor furniture and a rack for drying laundry.

Total cost: Approximately US $1,000 a week, plus what the owner was billed for our telephone usage. That's less than we might have spent for a double room at a three-star hotel, and it shows that popular European destinations don't have to be expensive if you know where to stay.

A more "European" experience 

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