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A Home Away from Home:
Self-Catering in Europe
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Vacation Rental Agencies in Europe

The firms below represent only a handful of the companies that offer holiday rentals in Europe. You'll find many more by using search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN Search, and by visiting official Web sites of tourist offices in the cities and regions that interest you.

Venere our partner
This European booking site has a good selection of properties in all price categories, especially in Italy. Discount prices are negotiated with local property owners, and--unlike many agencies and landlords--Venere accepts payment by credit card.

The European Centre for Eco Agro Tourism publishes directories of "green" farm vacations in the Netherlands and 21 other European countries. Online listings will be available soon.

The Manor Houses of Portugal
Stay at a high-quality B&B in town, a quinta in the countryside, or one of 200+ cottages and villas in Northern Portugal and the Algarve.

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Self-catering holiday and vacation rentals in Europe:
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