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Special coverages

Two other types of insurance coverage are worth knowing about:

Car insurance.  If you rent a car in Europe, liability insurance will be included, but you may be responsible for collision damage or theft unless you buy a collision damage waiver (CDW) and car theft insurance (LDW). Some credit-card companies offer such coverage as a free perk, but not all do--and the insurance many not apply to all countries. To be safe, you can purchase coverage from the rental firm or--less expensively--from a company that specializes in travel insurance. See our Rental Car Insurance article for details.

Homeowner's insurance. Your standard homeowner's policy may cover some losses when you're traveling, but coverage on items like jewelry may be limited, and business equipment (such as laptop computers) may be excluded. Check with your insurance agent before taking valuables with you on a trip.

Where to buy trip insurance:

InsureMyTrip our partner
"The largest travel insurance comparison site on the Internet" offers coverage from leading insurers. Use the automated quote form to price and compare policies from different companies. If you live in the United Kingdom, see:
This site offers product comparisons for 70 insurance companies that sell policies in Britain, along with general insurance advice for UK-based travelers.

MedjetAssist our partner
If you're seriously ill or injured more than 150 miles from your home, this company will supervise your medical care and--if necessary--fly you across the ocean by air ambulance.

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