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Cádiz, Spain

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Cádiz Photos

Cadiz map photo

This antique map shows the Strait of Gibraltar with Spain (pink) and Morocco (green). Cádiz is just up the Andalucian coast from Gibraltar, facing the Atlantic. You can see Jerez de la Frontera and Seville to the north of Cádiz on the map.

Cadiz port photo

If you're in Cádiz for only one day, you're likely to have arrived by cruise ship or train. In the photo above, Costa Romantica is moored by the Estación Maritima cruise terminal, while Oceania's Regatta--the ship in the foreground--is on the opposite side of the small harbor near the railroad station.

Cadiz ferry photo

The Puerto de la Bahia de Cádiz is small and convenient to the city center. The city's modern railroad station is just to the left of the harbor as you face inland.

Cadiz Renfe station photo

The Cádiz railroad station is served by frequent trains from Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, and other Spanish cities.

From the ship quays or the train station, head for the nearby Paseo de Canalejas (a park facing the harbor) to pick up maps and brochures at the Cádiz Tourist Office, which has its own distinctive building along the park's promenade.

Cadiz Ayuntimiento photo

Just beyond the Tourist Office is the Ayuntimiento, or City Hall, a neoclassical building that you approach on a grand herringbone-paved sidewalk with palm trees on both sides.

Cadiz park photo

Cádiz is dotted with attractive promenades and parks, and they're kept impeccably clean by a brigade of streetsweepers.

Cadiz cathedral photo

tiled dome photoAfter you've picked up a city map and other  literature at the Tourist Office, cut through the medieval center of town on your way to the New Cathedral (Catedral Nuevo in Spanish).

The Baroque-style church opened in the 1700s after 116 years of construction. It faces the Plaza de la Catedral, a lively square with cafés, restaurants, shops, and the occasional busker.

Poniente Tower photo

ramp photoA ramp (shown in the inset photo) leads to the top of the Cathedral's Poniente Tower, which has been open to tourists since 2003.

The ramp isn't too steep, and it's wide enough so that other visitors can easily get by if you stop to catch your breath.

Plaze de la Catedral photo

The Poniente Tower's observation platform offers good views in all directions. In this photo, you're looking at the Plaza de la Catedral in front of the church.

Oceania Regatta photo

In this view from the Cathedral tower, you can see the cruise and ferry port, with a corner of the Palacio de Congresos or Convention Center on the right edge of the photo.

Cathedral tower view

Some views from the Cathedral tower are more intimate: Here, you can see laundry drying on a rooftop nearby.

Plaza de la Catedral photo

After climbing down from the tower, you may be ready for a drink or an ice cream on the Plaza de la Catedral.


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