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Erfurt Guidebooks and Maps

From: Erfurt, Germany

The illustrated guidebooks and map below don't cost much, and they make great souvenirs. Look for them at Buch Habel (Anger 7), Buchhandlung Peterknecht (Anger 28), or at Erfurt Tourist Information. (Some titles may be out of print when you read this, since we compiled the list a few years ago.)

book cover Erfurt
Grüne Reihe
Paperback, 64 pages
P&U Verlag
ISBN 3-86510-200-X

This is probably the most comprehensive guide to Erfurt that you'll run across. Although the main text is in German, the book contains a detailed 9-page English summary about the city's history and landmarks.

cover Erfurt Past and Present
Paperback, 32 pages
Burghard Verlag

It's hard to go wrong with the English edition of this inexpensive booklet. After a short history, the mini-guide discusses Erfurt's churches, university, markets, bridges, and historic houses.

map cover Die Karte: Erfurt
ISBN 3-932071-00-X

Erfurt Tourist Information offers a free map, but if you're going to be in Erfurt for a couple of days or more, buy this larger-scale street and transit map (which folds down to pocket size and comes with a plastic sleeve).

cover Martin Luther in Erfurt
Paperback, 42 pages
Verlagshaus Thüringen
ISBN 3-930960-14-1

This booklet's highly readable text is adapted from the 1943 book Luther and Erfurt. It includes color photos, engravings, and a map of places in Erfurt that are associated with the Reformer.

cover Evangelical Church and Monastery of St. Augustine in Erfurt
Paperback, 36 pages
Evangelisches Augustinerkloster zu Erfurt

The Augustinerkloster is the church and monastery where Martin Luther lived as a monk in the early 1500s. You can buy this booklet about Luther and the the Augustinerkloster at the monastery's reception desk (where you also can book a guest room).

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