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Bettina Brett

An English-speaking tour guide in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

From: Wittenberg, Germany

Bettina Brett LEFT: Bettina Brett at the "Theses Door" of Lutherstadt Wittenberg's Schlosskirche.

We're big fans of the public walking tours that many German tourist offices schedule throughout the year. Unfortunately, there often isn't much demand for English-speaking tours, and in Wittenberg--as in many German towns--you'll need to make your own arrangements unless you're traveling in a large group.

Bettina Brett in Wittenberg GermanyIf you're reasonably well-heeled, or if you can split the cost with friends, a private guide will make your visit a more rewarding experience. In Wittenberg, one such guide is Bettina Brett, who offers private excursions when she isn't leading walks for busloads of group tourists.

Like other guides on the Wittenberg Information roster, Bettina Brett escorts her clients in 16th Century costume. She knows her subject matter intimately, speaks English like a native (she lived in the United States for 2½ years), and is a delightful companion.

To inquire about rates, or to book a private tour, contact Bettina Brett at the e-mail address or one of phone numbers below.

Contact information:

Bettina Brett
Dörffurtstrasse 8
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany
Tel. (03491) 40 37 38 · (0162) 9426621
E-mail: bettina.brett (at)

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