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Gare du Nord

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Gare du Nord from Blvd de la Chapelle

Peter Engelsted Jonasen took this photo, which shows the back of the Gare du Nord with tracks, platforms, and trains. (Railfans can view the action from the elevated Boulevard de la Chapelle to the north of the station.)

Gare du Nord facade

Stefan Ataman's picture shows the clock and statuary on the Gare du Nord's main fašade.


A photographer who calls himself "Dutchy" made this image of reflections in a train's windows behind the Gare du Nord.

Gare du Nord statues

Alex Klochkov's photo (which we featured as a thumbnail on page 1 of this article) offers a close-up view of three statues on the Gare du Nord's fašade. See Wikipedia's history of the Gare du Nord for descriptions of the station's 20 sculptures.

Gare du Nord departures sign

The interior of the Gare du Nord is a bustling place. Here, you can see the main station hall and the electronic departures signboard.

Gare du Nord electric heaters

On chilly winter days, passengers gather around electric heaters near the platforms.

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