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Through the Windows of Paris

Book Review
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Excerpt from Through the Windows of Paris:

Located a few doors away from the model army, A Marie-Stuart boasts it can provide every medal in the world, and it claims to be the oldest shop of its kind in France. It was founded 200 years ago by a jeweler who specialized in the black gemstones that were worn by ladies in mourning, and he dedicated his shop to a queen who was thrice widowed. A mid-19th-century owner switched to decorations, and the windows now resemble the chests of military heroes, ablaze with gongs and striped silk ribbons. Many more are concealed in drawers, awaiting an order from a mayor or minister, but you are allowed to award yourself a prize for your own collection.

3-5 Galérie Monpensier, 1st; 42 96 28 25
(Mo-Fr 9am-6.30 pm; Sa 9am-noon; 2-6 pm)

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