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Liliumhotel Review

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Via XX Settembre Roma

The Liliumhotel is on the Via XX Settembre (pronounced "Via Venti Settembre"), a large street north of Termini Station. The hotel is three stories up from the ground floor in number 58A, the tan building on the right side of the photograph.

Several government ministries are nearby, and the British and Japanese Embassies are within a few minutes' walking distance. (There's also an excellent pizza-by-the-slice shop just up the street.)

Via XX Settembre 58A

You'll see the Liliumhotel's building nearly straight ahead as you walk up the Via Goito. (Look for the double doors to the left of the "Docs & Parcels" shop.)

Building intercom - Via XX Settembre 58A

The building's doors may be unlocked during the day, but if they're locked, ring the hotel from the directory and intercom panel downstairs. The hotel receptionist will buzz you in.

Hotel Lilium building courtyard

The double doors lead to a courtyard. Take the steps immediately to your right (not shown) to reach the elevator landing.

Hotel Lilium elevator

The small elevator is old-fashioned, but it works. (If you're traveling with a companion and bulky luggage, one of you may need to take the stairs.)

Hotel Lillum lobby

Hotel Lilium balcony

Once you're inside the Liliumhotel, you'll see an attractive lounge--complete with a piano and caged birds--to the right of the reception desk. A small balcony overlooks the street.

Hotel Lilium breakfast room

The breakfast room is just off the lobby. It's a cheerful place, with plenty of daylight, and it's open from 7 to 10 a.m.

Hotel Lilium hallway

From the lobby, a hallway leads to the guest rooms. (The wooden floor is stained a dark purple, a shade that echoes the color scheme in the lobby's lounge.)

Hotel Lilium single room

Painted armoire in Hotel Lilium room

My single-bedded room was located just to the right of the steps in the hallway photo.

Note the floral paintings on the armoire: Each room in the Hotel Lilium is named after a different flower. Doors and furniture (including build-in nightstands and tubular metal bedframes) are painted in pastel shades. Floors are of varnished wood, with the planks laid diagonally.

Superior double rooms (designed for two guests) have queen-size beds and small terraces with flowering plants.

Desk in Hotel Lilium guestroom

My room had a very small desk and a TV set (not shown) mounted on the wall.

Unlimited Wi-Fi access was included in the rate. The procedure for connecting to the hotel's network was a bit complicated, but an instruction sheet--available at the reception desk--minimized confusion. (I had my own ThinkPad, but if I'd been without a computer, I could have borrowed a laptop from the reception desk for up to an hour per day at no charge.)

Hotel Lilium ceiling fan and air conditioning controllers

The room came with handheld controllers for the multispeed ceiling fan (top), air conditioning, and the satellite TV (not shown). 

View from Hotel Lilium guestroom

From my window, I had a view of the Via Piave. (The window had a scrolling shutter that could be lowered at night.)

Hotel Lilium bathroom

Hotel Lilium amenities

The room's high point was the bathroom, which was decorated in an attractive mosaic tile. It was well-equipped, with a good-size shower, a shaving mirror, a hair driver, a wall-mounted radiator that doubled as a rack for bath towels,  and a shelf with "golf ball" soap and other amenities. (I saved my open bottle of Liliumhotel shampoo for future travels, and it lasted a long time.)

To learn more about the Liliumhotel, or to check prices, see our booking partner's Liliumhotel pages (which often have discounts from standard rates).

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