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Tiber River Sightseeing Cruises

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More Battelli di Roma photos

Battelli di Roma Castel Sant'Angelo embarkation stairs

At the Ponte Sant'Angelo stop, across from the Castel Sant'Angelo, signs mark a staircase that leads from the street to the boat landing on the Tevere (a.k.a. the River Tiber).

Ponte Sant'Angelo station of Battelli di Roma

The Ponte Sant'Angelo landing has a ticket office, a floating dock for Battelli di Roma's sightseeing boats, and a shelter where passengers can find shade while waiting for their boat to arrive.

Stazione Sant'Angelo - Battelli di Roma

Here's another view of the Stazione Ponte Sant'Angelo, which was taken from the Castel Sant'Angelo on the opposite side of the Tiber. The double-deck boat in the photo is one of the larger vessels in the Battelli di Roma fleet, with a capacity of 102 passengers.

Cornelia - Battelli di Roma

The 102-passenger Cornelia entered service in 1997.

Rea Silvia

The Rea Silvia (shown in the foreground) is one of several Battelli di Roma vessels that offer "hop on, hop off" service at two landings on the Tevere.

Cornelia and kayak

As you cruise along the Tiber, you may encounter kayaks, rowing shells, and other boats (including the occasional cargo or construction barge).

Two Battelli di Roma boats by the Ponte Sant'Angelo

This photo shows two Battelli di Roma boats on the Tevere, with a bridge on the left and a high retaining wall behind the riverbank. A walkway runs along the water.


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