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Trenitalia Ticket Machines:
Step-by-Step Instructions

From: Trenitalia Ticket Machines

Trenitalia lticket machine - language screen

Step 1: Select a language by tapping an icon on the opening screen. (On this two-tone green Biglietto Veloce machine, your choices include Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.)

Trenitalia ticket machine screen

Step 2: Select "Ticket Issue" (the icon at upper left) unless you're paying for a bicycle, changing a reservation, picking up a ticket that you bought online, etc.

Trenitalia Fast Ticket machine screen

Step 3: This informational screen warns you against pickpockets and unsafe behavior in the station or on the train. Simply click "Next" to continue.

Trenitalia ticket machine screen

Step 4: Click a box on the "Choose Destination" screen, or click the blue "Other departure" box if your destination isn't shown. (In this example, we'll pick "Fiumicino Aeroporto," the main internation airport in Rome.)

  • Note: By default, the machine assumes that you're departing from the station where you're buying a ticket--in this case, Roma Termini, which is shown in the yellow box at the top of the screen.

Trenitalia ticket machine monitor

Step 5: Indicate your date of departure. (The exact date won't matter unless you're traveling on a train with reservations, but you can't get to the next screen without making a choice.)

  • Note: Trenitalia tickets are normally valid for two months from the date of issue.

Trenitalia ticket machine date screen

Step 6: If you chose "Other date" in Step 5 (as we did), you'll see this screen. Use the - and + buttons to adjust the date, month, and/or year. Then click "Next" to continue.

Trenitalia Biglietto Veloce

Step 7: Indicate the time range when you'll be leaving. (Again, this may be academic if you're traveling on a train that doesn't require reservations, but you'll need to make a choice before you can continue.)

The times are based on a 24-hour clock: "00-06" means "midnight to 6 a.m.," for example, while "20-22" means "8 p.m. to 10 p.m."

Italian train ticket machine

Step 8: This "Choose Preferred Train" screen shows a timetable of departures to your destination during the time range that you've chosen.

Click a time, or click either of the blue buttons.

Trenitalia ticket vending machine

Step 9: Click "Back" if you want to change your selections, or click "Yes" if you're ready to buy a ticket.

Italy railroad ticket machine

Step 10: Click "Base" unless you have a special promotion code.

Italy train ticket automated machine

Step 11: Click the blue "Base" button at right unless you want a carnet of 10 tickets.

Trenitalia ticket sales

Step 12: Select the number of adult passengers and children from 4-12. (Children under 4 travel free.) Then click the large green button under "Tickets" to continue.

Trenitalia ticket machine - payment screen

Step 13: Review your choices, then select your payment type:

  • Credit card
  • Cash or debit card
  • Cash
  • Note: "Biglietto solo andata" means "One-way ticket." If you want a return ticket, click the blue "Round Trip" button.

Trenitalia Biglietto Veloce screen

Step 14: Unless you have a Trenitalia loyalty card or agency number, click the blue "Nessuna Carta" button.

Trenitalia ticket machine display

Step 15: Follow the payment instructions. In this case, we were told to insert our credit card as indicated in the diagram.

  • Good news for overseas visitors: Unlike ticket machines in some other European countries, such as France, the Trenitalia machines will accept U.S., Canadian, and other magnetically-striped credit cards without microchips.

Trenitalia transaction in progress screen

Step 16: Wait while the machine processes your payment.

Trenitalia ticket machine display

Step 17: After processing your payment, the machine will print your ticket.

Trenitalia train ticket

Step 18: Remove your ticket from the receptacle on the front of the machine.

Trenitalia train-ticket stamping machine

Step 19: Immediately before boarding your train, validate your ticket in one of the yellow stamping machines on the platform. (Listen for a "clunk" and check your ticket afterwards to make sure that it was stamped.)

  • Don't forget this step! If the train conductor sees that your ticket isn't stamped, you may be charged a hefty fine.

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