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Early-Morning Departures from Venice

ZzzleepandGo 'resting pods', Venice Marco Polo Airport

ABOVE: ZzzleepandGo is right inside Venice Marco Polo Airport's departures lobby. It has only four "resting pods" (a.k.a. mini-rooms), so book early if you're interested.

We get quite a few e-mails from readers who are worried about being late for morning departures from Venice. Our advice is simple:

  • If you're leaving Venice early in the morning, your best bet is to stay at a hotel near your departure point or ground transportation so that you can make a quick getaway.

The articles listed below may be helpful:

  • Early-Morning Flights from Venice Airport
    This article tells where to spend your last night in Venice (or in Mestre, on the mainland) and how to reach the airport quickly on the morning of your flight. It includes links to information on ground transportation and the most convenient hotels.

  • Venice Railroad Station Hotels
    The hotels listed in this article are within easy walking distance of Santa Lucia railway station--even if you're burdened with luggage.

  • Venice Cruise Terminal Hotels
    Our four-page article describes hotels near the Piazzale Roma (for the main Marittima terminal), San Basilio (for smaller ships and river cruisers), and San Marco-Vallaresso (which may have shuttle service to your ship, depending on the cruise line).

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