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Venice Railroad Station Hotels

These hotels are within walking distance of the Venezia Santa Lucia train station.

Hotel Ai Due Fanali

ABOVE: The Hotel Ai Due Fanali (see our illustrated review) is about five minutes from Venice's Santa Lucia Railroad Station, on the only campo in Venice that faces the Grand Canal. In nice weather, you can have breakfast on a rooftop terrace. BELOW: This aerial photo shows the railroad station's location at the edge of Venice's historic center.

Venice Railroad Station aerial map

In many cities, hotel districts near railroad stations can be depressing, and sometimes they're even dangerous. Not so in Venice: The streets near Santa Lucia Railway Station may be busy and geared to tourists, but the atmosphere is pleasant enough, and the convenience is hard to beat if you're spending only two or three days in Venice.

Many of the hotels in this article are on or near the Rio Terà Lista di Spagna (usually shortened to "Lista di Spagna"), the first segment of the main pedestrian thoroughfare between the station and the Piazza San Marco.

The Lista di Spagna is a lively place of hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops, but you'll also find plenty of businesses that serve local residents. And when you get tired of looking at souvenir t-shirts or carnival masks, you can cross the Cannaregio Canal to explore the Venetian Ghetto and the many local shops, restaurants, and cafés along the connecting streets that feed into the Strada Nova.

Best of all, you can reach the hotels in the first section of these listings area without crossing bridges--a great convenience if you're using a rolling suitcase.

We've also included listings of hotels across the Grand Canal. These hotels require crossing a bridge (or, in some cases, several bridges). Choose them if you're looking for a less "touristy" neighborhood or if you want to be close to the Piazzale Roma for an early airport or cruise departure.

Please note:

  • Most hotel-name links in this article will take you to our Venice Hotel Directions pages and our partner, (which offers "guaranteed lowest available rates" at nearly all hotels and guest houses in Venice).

  • The area near the railroad station is about a half-hour walk from the Piazza San Marco. To reach the piazza, head away from the station along the Lista di Spagna, cross the Cannaregio Canal, and follow the yellow "San Marco" signs or the daytrippers who'll be headed in the same direction. Or use the expensive vaporetto public water buses. (See our Transportation Index for more information.)

  • Through express trains from other Italian cities typically use the Venezia Mestre railroad station in Mestre, a suburb on the Venetian mainland. Our Mestre Hotels page describes good, moderately-priced hotels that face the station or are within walking distance.

11 hotels close to Santa Lucia Station

Hotel Amadeus

ABOVE: The Hotel Amadeus is just a short walk from Santa Lucia Station.

All of the hotels in this section are within very easy reach of the station, usually without crossing any bridges. (In some cases, the walk is only a minute or two.) We suggest leaving the station via the convenient side exit near Platform 1, which will lead you down to the water via a gently-sloping sidewalk.

  • Hotel Amadeus lobbyHotel Amadeus (4 stars)
    The Amadeus is directly on the Lista di Spagna, about five minutes from the railroad station. The building is fully air-conditioned and wheelchair-accessible, with an elevator for guests in its single, double, and triple rooms. Rates include an American buffet breakfast. Check lowest rates, reviews, and availability:

  • Hotel Bellini, VeniceNH Venezia Santa Lucia (4 stars)
    This hotel (formerly the Hotel Bellini) occupies an 18th Century building on the Lista di Spagna, just beyond the station and the Scalzi Bridge. During summer, the complimentary buffet breakfast is served in the hotel garden. Check lowest rates, reviews, and availability:

  • Venice Times HotelVenice Times Hotel (4 stars)
    The neighborhood's newest design hotel is extremely close to the station. The decor is stylish, and the 30 soundproofed rooms have amenities such as large-screen TVs, free use of Samsung smartphones (convenient for finding your way around Venice), and a kettle for making coffee, tea, or herbal tea. The hotel has a courtyard and is family-friendly, with junior suites that sleep up to four guests. Check lowest rates, reviews, and availability:

  • Hotel Principe - tables on Grand CanalHotel Principe (4 stars)
    The Principe is one of the more upscale hotels near the station. It's in a 15th Century palace, with the entrance on the Lista di Spagna and the back of the hotel facing the Grand Canal. If you're feeling flush, splurge on a room overlooking the water. Check lowest rates, reviews, and availability:

  • Hotel AbbaziaHotel Abbazia (3 stars)
    Some rooms in this converted monastery overlook the garden where breakfast is served in the summer. The hotel is in a side street, very close to the railway station. Rooms include doubles, triples, and quads. (Don't be startled by the pulpit on a wall of the lobby: In centuries past, when the lobby was the cloister's refectory, monks read scripture from the pulpit during meals .) Check lowest rates, reviews, and availability:

  • Hotel Il Mercante di VeneziaHotel Il Mercante di Venezia (3 stars)
    The "Merchant of Venice" is just off the Lista di Spagna in the Calle della Misericordia. Singles, doubles, and triples are available, and rates are a bargain during low season. Compare rates, reviews, and availability:

  • A La Locanda di Orsaria (3 stars)
    Singles, doubles, triples and quads are on tap at this locanda, or inn, which is in a 16th Century building in a side street near the Lista di Spagna. Check lowest rates, reviews, and availability:

  • Hotel HesperiaHotel Hesperia (3 stars)
    The highly-rated Hesperia is at the end of the Lista di Spagna and around the corner, on a fondamenta overlooking the Cannaregio Canal. Check lowest rates, reviews, and availability:

  • Hotel Adriatico, VeniceHotel Adriatico (2 stars)
    The Adriatico is on the Lista di Spagna and offers singles, doubles, and triples. Check rates, reviews, and availability:

  • Hotel Adua, VeniceHotel Adua (2 stars)
    There are only 13 single and double rooms (without elevator) at this simple but well-maintained hotel in a 17th Century building on the main thoroughfare from the railroad station. Check rates, reviews, and availability:

  • Hotel Florida, VeniceHotel Florida (2 stars)
    The Florida is one of the closest hotels to Venezia Santa Lucia; it's about a length of a football field from the station steps. Rooms includes doubles, triples, and quads, with all but one room having private baths. Wi-Fi and breakfast are included in the reasonable rates. Check rates, reviews, and availability:

Hotels across the Grand Canal

If you're traveling light, the sestiere or district of Santa Croce is worth considering. The neighborhood attracts fewer tourists than the area around the station, and it's especially convenient to major art museums and other attractions in Santa Croce, San Polo, and Dorsoduro.

Below are listings for hotels that are within a reasonable walk of the Ponte dei Scalzi (the bridge that crosses the Grand Canal near the railroad station). We've divided them into two groups, with the second being especially handy to the Piazzale Roma.

Santa Croce East

  • Hotel Carlton on the Grand CanalHotel Carlton on the Grand Canal (4 stars)
    This upmarket hotel has 150 air-conditioned rooms with a faux 18th Century Venetian decor. The deluxe doubles with canal views are worth the extra cost if you don't mind noise from vaporetti and other passing boats. Check lowest rates, reviews, and availability:

  • Hotel Ai Due Fanali (3 stars)
    Hotel Ai Due FanaliThis air-conditioned hotel is on the Campo San Simeone Profeta, a lovely little square that facesthe Grand Canal. Breakfast is served on a roof terrace in warm weather. Read our illustrated review, which includes step-by-step directions to the hotel. Two excellent four-star hotels, the the Ca' Nigra Lagoon Resort and the Hotel Canal Grande, are also located on this delightful square within a five-minute walk of the railroad station.  Check lowest rates, reviews, and availability:

  • Hotel FalierHotel Falier (2 stars)
    The Falier is on the Salizzada San Pantalon, a 10- to 15-minute walk from the railroad station. The street is pleasant, the hotel has a good reputation, and the location is handy to the Frari Church and the Campo Santa Margherita (a large, lively square with outdoor restaurants and cafés that are popular with tourists, local families, and students from the nearby university). Check rates, reviews, and availability:

Santa Croce West

The hotels below are on or near the fondamenta that runs along the Grand Canal to your right as you leave the Ponte dei Scalzi bridge. (You can also reach them via the Piazzale Roma, which is to your right and over the modern Calatrava Bridge as you leave the railroad station. Click the hotel names, and you'll be taken to directions pages with maps that show how to reach the hotels.)

The hotels listed below are especially handy if you're connecting to or from the airport, because Venice airport buses depart from the Piazzale Roma nearby. Taxis, shuttle buses, and the People Mover  to the Marittima Cruise Terminals also leave from the Piazzale Roma.

  • Hotel Papadopoli VeneziaHotel Papadopoli Venezia (4 stars)
    This boutique hotel, which belongs to Sofitel's McGallery Collection, is near the Tolentini church and behind the public gardens by the Piazzale Roma. (Cross one small bridge from the square, walk about 30 seconds, and you're there.) It has a bar and restaurant on the premises.  Check rates, reviews, and availability:

  • Hotel Antiche FigureHotel Antiche Figure (3 stars)
    This highly-regarded hotel overlooks the Grand Canal from the edge of a little square next to a church. It's also directly across the Grand Canal from the railroad station. The hotel's location is surprisingly quiet, given its convenience, and you can sit at a café table next to the water when you're recovering from a day of sightseeing.

  • Hotel Canal & WalterHotel Canal & Walter (3 stars)
    The Canal & Walter has single to quad rooms, some of which face the Grand Canal. It also has a private courtyard and garden (a prized amenity among Venice hotels) where breakfast is served in warm weather. Check rates, reviews, and availability:

  • Hotel Gardena, VeniceHotel Gardena (3 stars)
    A delightful location on the Tolentini Canal is just one reason to like this hotel: It's close to an architectural university, so the patrons of the nearby cafés are as likely to be students or professors as tourists. In summer, it lives up to its name by offering breakfast in the hotel garden. Check rates, reviews, and availability:

  • Hotel Airone (2 stars)
    Some of the Airone's single and double rooms overlook the Grand Canal. Note: The Airone doesn't serve breakfast, so when comparing its rates to those of other hotels, figure in the expense of breakfasting at a coffee bar or bakery. Also, the hotel doesn't offer Internet access--free or otherwise. Check rates, reviews, and availability:

Tip: If you're looking for a hotel near the Piazzale Roma that's extremely convenient to the airport or the Marittima cruise terminals, see 10 hotels closest to airport buses and 17 hotels closest to cruise ships.

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