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Giancarlo De Carlo housing estate on Mazzorbo

ABOVE: The Italian architect Giancarlo De Carlo designed this council estate on the peaceful island of Mazzorbo.


There isn't much to see on Mazzorbo, a small island that adjoins Burano, and that's part of the island's nearly tourist-free appeal. (The villas, gardens, and churches of earlier centuries are mostly gone, although the tower of the medieval Chiesa di Santa Caterina continues to dominate the bucolic landscape.)

The most interesting sight on Mazzorbo, at least for fans of architecture and urban planning, is the government-assisted "case soziale" housing project designed by Giancarlo De Carlo. The houses, which are painted in Buranese colors, were built from 1979 to 1986. My favorite touch is the nursery and florist's shop with colorful tile trim.

How to reach Mazzorbo:

The ACTV's 12 (Lagoon North) boat stops at Mazzorbo on its way to Burano, but we'd suggest touring Burano first. Then, if you have time, walk across the wooden footbridge to Mazzorbo. (You can't miss the bridge: It's within sight of the Burano ACTV station.)

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