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Venice People Mover

Modern elevated shuttle trains connect Venice's historic center with the Marittima cruise terminals and the Tronchetto parking garage.

People Mover train in Venice

ABOVE: A Venice People Mover train exits one of the system's three elevated stations. INSET BELOW: A station wall mural and entrance sign at Pthe iazzale Roma.

Venice's People Mover elevated shuttle trains offer quick (and wheelchair-accessible) connections between three points on the edge of the city's historic center:

  • The Piazzale Roma, where locals and visitors arrive in the city by public bus, airport bus, taxi, or car.

  • The Marittima cruise terminal, where many passenger ships arrive and depart. (Caveat: The Marittima station is located just outside the Marittima port entrance, which means that passengers need to walk to or from their ships.)

  • The Tronchetto parking island, which has indoor and outdoor parking for thousands of cars and is also the arrival point for most tour buses.

Venice People Mover imageThe People Mover is a cable-operated train system that's similar to the automated trams in many large airports.

In this article, we'll tell you how to use the People Mover, and we'll show you captioned photos and videos so you'll know what to expect.

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