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Vicenza, Italy


ABOVE: The loggia and tower of Vicenza's Basilica, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Vicenza, often nicknamed "Palladio's City," is one of the more popular side trips from Venice, and it's well worth the 50-minute train ride. The prosperous city of 108,000 is the birthplace of Andrea Palladio, the 16th Century builder whose palaces and villas draw architecture enthusiasts from around the world.

Vicenza is located 60 km or 40 miles west of Venice, about halfway between Padua and Verona. Although you can tour Vicenza's historic center in a day, we'd recommend staying overnight--or even longer if you want to see the Palladian villas in the countryside around Vicenza.

In the following pages, we'll describe Vicenza's major sights, direct you to hotels, and give practical information on how to reach the city and where to find tourist information once you get there.

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