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Walking directions to Murano Palace (Murano), with map

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Murano Palace - Murano

ABOVE: In this photo, which looks down the Fondamenta dei Vertrai toward Murano Colonna, Cheryl (hat and blue denim jacket) is standing at the entrance to the Murano Palace's side street.

The Murano Palace is an upscale B&B in the heart of Murano, Venice's glassmaking island. (Murano is a miniature version of central Venice, with palazzi, canals, and plenty of historic atmosphere.)

The inn has only six rooms, which are furnished in Venetian style and include free Wi-Fi. Because the Murano Palace is small and popular, we recommend booking early--especially from May through October.

Tip for cruisers: The Murano Palace is a great choice if you're arriving at Marco Polo Airport and departing by ship from the Marittima cruise basin. Here's why:

  • From Venice Marco Polo Airport, you can take an Alilaguna Linea Blu (Blu Line) airport boat to Murano Colonna and walk to the Murano Palace in 3 to 5 minutes without crossing any bridges.

  • During your stay, you can take the ACTV public water bus from Colonna to locations throughout Venice's historic center. (We recommend buying a tourist travel card to save on transportation fares.)

  • On the day of your cruise, you can roll your bags to Colonna and board another Alilaguna Linea Blu airport boat, which will take you all the way to the Marittima cruise terminals.

The same plan works in the reverse direction: Take the Alilaguna boat from Marittima to Murano Colonna, then catch another Alilaguna boat to Marco Polo Airport on the day of your flight.

Murano Palace sign in street

How to reach the Murano Palace from the Alilaguna Linea Blu stop at Murano Colonna:

Murano Palace map directions

  1. As you leave the Colonna boat stop, turn right and follow the waterfront, which will curve left into a canal.

  2. Head inland on the fondamenta or pavement next to the canal. (The street is named the Fondamenta dei Vertrai.)

  3. Continue walking until you see a winged lion on top of a stone column next to a bridge. Turn left into the side street just before the bridge. The Murano Palace will be a few doors down, on your left.

From the Marittima cruise terminals:

  1. From your ship, walk to the wooden sidewalk near the bottom of the main U-shaped ship basin.

  2. Take a yellow-and-white Alilaguna Linea Blu airport boat to Murano Colonna. (See timetable.)

  3. Get off at Murano Colonna and follow the directions above.

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MAP CREDITS: Walking maps by Anders Imboden, using base data from the Comune di Venezia and Regione Veneto under license IODL-2.0.