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Major cities

Venice for Visitors
Our massive Venice for Visitors "site within a site" has nearly 400 pages of articles, photos, and travel links--including Venice hotels and Venice self-catering apartments. PC Magazine calls this "the premier visitor's site for Venice, Italy."

Paris for Visitors
Get ready to visit the French capital with hundreds of transportation and sightseeing articles, photos, hotel listings, travel links, and other resources.

Our Web guide has 29 pages of annotated links on topics that range from sightseeing to sex.

Germany's capital is livelier than at any time since the 1920s. Plan your trip with 23 pages of annotated links and photos, including 8 pages of information on Berlin hotels and other places to stay.

A 24-page Web guide with photos and links on topics that range from Copenhagen hotels to counterculture to amusement parks.

Browse a growing collection of illustrated travel articles about the capital of Scotland and its attractions.

20 pages of illustrated travel advice and Web links for a city with great scenery and a perfect climate, including 7 pages of links to Lisbon hotels, hostels, and other places to stay.

Read our in-depth travel articles about historic royal palaces and dormitories where tourists can sleep when universities aren't in session.

Spain's capital is one of Europe's liveliest cities, with more than 4.5 million inhabitants who'd rather be out at night than home in bed. My illustrated city guide includes travel advice, links, and photos.

These 20 pages of photos and annotated links for the Bavarian capital include 8 pages of information about Munich hotels, hostels, and other places to stay.

Plan your trip to the Eternal City with our articles on transportation, sightseeing, and the cruise port of Civitavecchia.

Our illustrated 12-page guide is accompanied by articles on the city's "Cube Houses," the "Pancake Boat," cruises to the UNESCO-listed windmills at Kinderdijk, and more.

A growing collection of articles about Stockholm, including transportation, hotels, museums, and excursions to nearby Sigtuna (the oldest medieval town in Sweden).

Other cities

If this Dutch city's auction action seems too touristy, visit the world-famous organ in the Laurenskerk.

Norway's first capital may be the country's most scenic city, and it's easy to reach by ferry from Newcastle, England.

Bruges (Brugge)
An 8-page collection of Web links to Belgium's "Venice of the North," with color photos.

Germany's Baroque city on the Elbe is both the capital of Saxony and a major center for art, music, and tourism. It also has Volkswagen's "Transparent Factory," a railroad staffed by children, and the oldest fleet of paddle steamers in Europe.

The capital of Thuringia, Germany has a well-preserved historic center and is an important stop on the "Luther Trail."

Freiburg im Breisgau
The southernmost city in Germany is also a gateway to the Black Forest. Its cathedral square, which lies in the heart of town, hosts one of the country's liveliest daily markets.

Germany's most celebrated alpine resort is home to the Zugspitze and the Partnach Gorge.

One of Germany's most romantic castles overlooks Heidelberg's Altstadt on the Neckar River. Our illustrated city guide is accompanied by articles on Heidelberg Castle, the Heidelberg Funicular, and the Heidelberg Student Prison.

Goethe drank and wrote here, Bach was the Thomaskirche's music director, and more recently, Leipzigers helped lead the movement to free East Germany from a totalitarian regime. (A visit to the former Stasi state security headquarters is a sobering experience.)

The Queen of the Hanseatic League is a medieval masterpiece on Germany's Baltic coast.

The bicycling capital of Germany is a lively, prosperous, and attractive university city near the Dutch border--yet it's virtually undiscovered by English-speaking tourists.

Ostend (Oostende)
This long-established Belgian beach resort is is also a North Sea ferry and fishing port.

Newcastle upon Tyne
Northern England's liveliest city is also a ferry gateway to Norway and Denmark.

Germany's best-preserved medieval city has attracted visitors to its location on the Danube since its days as a Roman fortress.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Walk the walls, explore the medieval center, visit the crime and doll museums, and take an evening tour with the Nightwatchman in one of Germany's most romantic towns.

An illustrated city guide with links to related articles on Siena, Italy (including language and cooking lessons).

You don't have to be a Sound of Music fan (or even a Mozart fan) to enjoy one of Europe's prettiest and most musical cities.

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