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Pazo Santa Cruz de Rivadulla

From: Galician Palace Gardens


ABOVE: The parish church and manor house of Santa Cruz de Rivadulla.

Not far from the Pazo de Oca is the Pazo Santa Cruz de Rivadulla, sometimes referred to as "Granja de Ortigueira." The property dates back to the 1500s, and today's white stuccoed buildings were mostly constructed in the mid-1700s.

The English-style gardens, which were laid out in the 19th Century, are subtler and more natural than the French-style gardens of the Pazo de Oca. They're also less impressive to the non-botanist, although they do include a pretty waterfall and a wonderful grove of olive trees--some of which are nearly 300 years old. (Also, the Spanish Tourist Office points out that the gardens have 500 kinds of camellias, which may be of interest if you visit when the flowers are in bloom.)

My advice: If you have time for just one garden excursion from Santiago de Compostela, visit the Pazo de Oca; if you can spare an extra hour and another few euros, stop at Santa Cruz de Rivadulla on your way back to the city.

How to reach the Pazo Santa Cruz de Rivadulla:

The manor house and its gardens are on the N-525 road, 18 km or 11 miles southeast of Santiago de Compostela. From Oca, head north and look for kilometer 323. (You might want to have your hotel concierge mark the location on your road map.)

For more information, including ticket prices and visiting hours, inquire at the Santiago de Compostela tourist office.

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