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La Città dell'Acqua

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More Città dell'Acqua photos

La Città dell'Acqua sign

Cinema Trevi sign

As you walk toward La Città dell'Acqua from the Fountain of Trevi, you should encounter these and other directional signs.

Cineteca Nazionale Sala Alberto Sordi

 La Città dell'Acqua is alongside and beneath the Cineteca Nazionale's Alberto Sordi screening room, which has small windows overlooking the excavations.

La Città dell'Acqua entrance sign

Look for a portable sign outside the Città dell'Acqua entrance.

La Città dell'Acqua excavations

After you've paid an admission fee of several euros, you'll go down a staircase to the excavations.

La Città dell'Acqua stairs

Vicus Caprarius excavations

La Città dell'Acqua insulae

The City of Water - Rome

Well-lit walkways and stairs make it easy to see the ruins of a 4th Century Roman domus (which was built on the site of even older insulae, or apartment dwellings). You'll also see water flowing from ancient Roman pipes that once fed the nearby Fountain of Trevi.

Headless statue in La Citta dell'Acqua

Bronze coins in La Citta dell'Acqua

Roman amphorae or flasks at La Citta dell'Acqua

During their excavations from 1999 to 2001, archaeologists uncovered Roman statues, bronze coins, amphorae (flasks), and other ancient objects. Both the objects and the ruins are accompanied by detailed information in Italian and English.

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