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Day 6: Captain's Farewell Dinner

Captain's Farewell Dinner on LA BELLA VITA - main course

Captain's Farewell Dinner - LA BELLA VITAOur final evening on La Bella Vita began with aperitivi in the saloon, followed by the Captain's Farewell Dinner in the dining room.

The Mantua-themed menu consisted of antipasto all'Italiana, tortelli filled with pumpkin, duck breast Modenese, Parmeggiano Reggiano with grapes and walnuts, a "farewell cake," and three wines (including a creamy Otello Nero di Lambrusco).


After the meal, La Bella Vita's crew posed for pictures.

Above, from left: Roger Pagnin (engineer), Claudia Di Gaspari and Irene Giona (hostess-housekeepers), Mario Sartori (sous-chef), Mattia Toninato (deckhand), and Andrea Chin (chef).

Below, from left: Paola Salvato (tour leader), Rudy Toninato (captain), and Ivana Veic (dining and bar hostess).

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